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 Aside from traditional drinks that are 

 staples of our trade, we would also like  to introduce our patrons to these select beverages. 


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 of pasteries and authentic 







CAFÉ CUBANO: A type of espresso that originated in Cuba

imported there from Italy. Specifically, it refers to an espresso shot which is sweetened with sugar as it is being brewed. Drinking café Cubano remains a prominent social and cultural activity in Cuba and Florida.


CORTADITO: Think of a standard café Cubano which is essentially espresso with sugar and then add about a 50/50 ratio of steamed milk to espresso. Or by its similarity of name you can think of a typical cortado with sugar but it must be built up from a café Cubano first and not just espresso, 

steamed milk, and then sugar.


CAFÉ DE OLLA: A traditional way to prepare coffee in Mexico typically in earthen clay pots. The distinct flavor of Café de olla is derived from ground coffee, cinnamon, and piloncillo as well as the clay pots themselves. Piloncillo is a traditional brown sugar-like candy from many Latin American countries.


CAFÉ CON LECHE: The beauty is in its simplicity. It’s just equal parts hot coffee and hot or steamed milk. The French call theirs café au lait. What is purely a Latin variation being that some use condensed milk depending on preference.


MAYA MOCHA LATTE: Think of a typical mocha latte. Then add cayenne, cinnamon, and maybe paprika to the flavor profile and you’ll have it. It’s also known as a Mexican or Aztec mocha or hot chocolate. Well, you get the idea.


HORCHATA: With its roots planted in Spain, it is a cold drink popularized and more commonly known from countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador with their specific takes on the recipe. Having a tan or milky color, recipes may or may not use milk. Ingredients range from sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, morro seeds, rice, ground cocoa, sesame seeds, nutmeg, tigernuts, peanuts, almonds, and cashews and may even be strained in cheese cloth before serving. Ours is made with sugar, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon.


HORCHATA ICED LATTE: Taking a recipe popular in Guatemala that calls for sugar, rice, vanilla, and cinnamon we’re adding 2 shots of espresso for a different yet refreshing type of iced espresso drink that would be great during a Texas summer.


CHAN: For accuracy’s sake, chan and chia seeds are from different plants. However, being from the same plant family and nearly identical in appearance and nutritional value as super foods, we will speak of them as one in the same. We use chia seeds because though similar, they have a slightly higher nutritional value. That being said… Chan is the name of a drink popular in Honduras and El Salvador that was first enjoyed by the Maya and other Mesoamerican cultures of the region. It has 

had little change in its recipe through to modern day. It’s basically lemonade with chia seeds along with a portion of jamaica (hibiscus) water added which gives it it’s lite redish color. It’s very tasty and refreshing over ice or just chilled. You must first let the chia seeds soak for at least an hour or until plump. The texture is reminiscent of smaller baby tapioca. It’s a perfect summer drink.


VAMPIRO JUICE: Exotic juices have long been popular all throughout Latin America. Juice from Maroñon, guanabana, and chicha are just a few classic examples to name a few. This particular vampiro juice recipe is popular in Mexico and because of its name sake, it has the appearance of pure blood. It gets its rich red tone from mixing the base ingredient of beet juice with carrot juice and orange juice. Some recipes may also call for lime and/or apple juice but not necessary. This is the healthiest drink on our menu which is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals.





 basket bites


SAUSAGE & EGG  ($3.25)

CHORIZON & EGG  ($3.25)

CHEESE & EGG  ($3.25)



*All tamales are served with plantain chips and hot sauce*


CHICKEN TAMALES: Salvadorian style corn masa filled with potatoes, chick-peas, & chicken. ($6.50)

BLACK BEAN PISQUES TAMALES: Salvadorian style corn masa stuffed with mashed black beans. (5.50) Vegan friendly!


TAMALE DE ELOTE: Salvadorian style masa stuffed with corn and served with crema. (5.50) Vegan friendly!



CHORIPAN: Pork sausage served on Bolillo with homemade Chimichurri Sauce with plantain chips. ($6.50)

MOLLETE: Bolillo with refried black beans,  melted cheese topped with Pico De Gallo. ($5.50) Add Egg ($1.50)

CAMPESINO SANDWICH: Chipotle pulled pork bbq served on a Bolillo with a side of chips. ($6.50)


Chimichurri Sauce or Crema  ($0.75)

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